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James and Emily bring you of fun facts, trivia, history, humor and, of course, wine & cheese!

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It is with a heavy heart that we announce we are ending the Classy Little Podcast. Thank you to our listeners and supporters. Cheers.


Oct 21, 2015

This is heavy, Doc! We took our show to Blab for a live recording of our show, in which we focused on this momentous day: Today, on Oct. 21, 2015, Doc, Marty and Jennifer arrive from 1985: Back to the Future Day!

This episode's wine: Segura Viudas 2013 Cava
This episode's cheese: Gruyere Reserve Wheel (which we mention twice -- blame it on the Chambong!)

Grab a Chambong of sparkling wine or even Pepsi Perfect, and stick us in your earbuds as you cruise on that Hoverboard we've all been waiting for! Unsure of what a Chambong is? We'll review it on the show, and hopefully convey why this needs to be in everyone's life!

We'd like to thank our fellow-podcast friends for recording segments for us to play in this show! Nok from the Geek Yogurt Podcast, iMorpheus from Death by Horror and Nick from Epic Film Guys! We really appreciated hearing from them! Check them out!

We recorded this episode using the super futuristic, which, if you haven't checked it out yet, is an amazing platform for watching up to four people live or watching the replays. And it's free. All you need is a Twitter account to comment and give "props" 🙌, but even without logging into Twitter, you can still watch live Blabs! We even recorded our episode live through Blab, and they sent us a lovely email with the MP3 and video evidence of our Chambong-related antics, which you can watch above. PSA: Don't Blab and drive! It makes all the moms out there nervous ... and, if you insist on doing it, at least wear clean underwear!

BIG BOLD SPOILER ALERT! We talk about all three "Back to the Future" movies as if our listeners have already seen them. So, if you haven't seen them yet, stop what you're doing right now and watch them. Don't worry, we'll call your boss and explain the situation.

We discuss how Ronald Reagan loved the movie, the many things "Back to the Future: Part 2" predicted correctly and some of the things the movie was wrong about.

Emily proclaims her love throughout the episode for Biff, Thomas F. Wilson, and astronaut ice cream. And, after being mysteriously absent from the past few episodes, we manage to make a connection to HRH, the Queen!

We suffer in our vests worn just for the occasion, and, although usually a Mets fan, Emily is making an exception this one year to root for the Cubs to win the World Series -- and James, rightfully so, chastises her.

We talk about the role of Marty McFly before Michael J. Fox made it his own and, although a dedicated method actor and how much we respect him, how Eric Stoltz just wasn't right for the part.

We ponder the age-old question of why Biff is such a likable villain, despite being "rapey," and we try our hardest not to pick apart the movies (with little success), and we also question Lorraine's reputation and wonder if there would ever be a Jerry Springer/Arthur Miller version in which George McFly questions Marty's paternity. This is also the only movie in which incest is humorous.

Also, lesson learned, when someone calls you chicken, you Chambong it!

Emily talks about the short-lived animated series and why people need to stop procreating with anyone whose names sounds like Biff Tannen. Come on, ladies, have some respect! Plus, the origins of the word, "butthead."

We also hear from viewers in our Blab chatroom, including Doug, who suggested we watch Crispin Glover's music videos, which are nothing short of terrifyingly riveting. Thanks for the nightmares, Crispin!

For the most part, we love these movies, despite a few questions we still have. And, aside from James' comments about Marty's instinct to fuck his mother, it's an all-around family favorite, sure to delight generations to come. James even finds a way to compare the third movie, which some have deemed the worst of the trilogy, to "Schindler's List."

And Emily finds a clip of her favorite line, "THE LIBYANS!" and gives tips (which you shouldn't follow) about sanitizing drink ware.

All this, plus tons more, in our "this is heavy" episode!

Special thanks to Adam Centamore for his book, "Tasting Wine & Cheese," which we used for this episode and we'll be using for our wine and cheese pairings for the next few episodes!

Check out "We Don't Need Roads: The Making of the Back to the Future Trilogy" and get this audiobook FREE by going to

Have a great Back to the Future Day! Cheers!