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Jan 20, 2016

James and Emily pay tribute to the passing of Glam Rock icon and innovator David Bowie in this episode. We find out about the fashion, the trends, the culture and society during the Glam Rock era. Plus, we talk to Jen Cunningham from Rebeat magazine about the movie, "Velvet Goldmine."

This episode's wine: Cocobon Wines 2013 Red Blend from California
This episode's cheese: Havarti

Flashback to the early '70s when Glam Rock emerged in the U.K., and we take a look at that small part of music history that still impacts us today.

We talk about the trends associated with Glam Rock with the stage personas and theatrics associated with it. And, if you look up T. Rex songs on Google, you may find songs about dinosaurs, but don't be fooled! We find out about Glam Rock's inception with Marc Bolan, followed by David Bowie and more.

No Glam Rock conversation would be complete without at least mentioning the outrageous styles in fashion and accessories, and how some styles remained current throughout the '80s, and even show up today. There's even a connection between Glam Rock and Hair Metal we explore. Not to mention how rockers could wear make-up, like Guy-liner and Man-scara, despite how bad-ass these guys are.

Emily fawns over Bret Michaels, The Monkees, Ewan McGregor, and, of course, Christian Bale in this episode. Sigh!

We even mention the Queen (the British monarch, not the band), watching androgynous teens walking down the street, confused as to whether they're girls or boys. Emily also makes the connection between Glam Rock style and some of the wrestling personas of the '80s.

James thanks glam rock for bringing us rock bands with strong front men, who put on incredible shows and act larger than life when they're performing.

We also got to talk to Jen from Rebeat digital blog/magazine all about the movie "Velvet Goldmine," which the director calls a "love letter to Glam Rock."

Jen and Emily warn British men who are 69 to go get checked out, because we can only take so many deaths of beloved Brits in one year.

Want to read more from Rebeat? Check out "Remembering the Life of David Bowie (1947-2016)."

We can't have a Glam Rock episode without talking about Bowie. James gives us a quick history of his impact on music, including changing himself and trying new styles of music, and finally becoming a legend. James even compares Bowie to his ultimate hero: Shaq. (We're pretty sure he listens!)

Although he's made his very few mistakes, like BowieNet and his poor name choices before settling on David Bowie, he's still one of the greatest musicians in our lifetime, and he continues to influence not only music, but culture and even acceptance.

Emily talks about Glam Rock influenced-bands and musicians today, including Kesha and Lady Gaga. James gets to tell us about his cousin's Gary Glitter cover band, Terry Tinsel. And we spend maybe a little too long looking at pictures of Gary Glitter on Google, trying to understand the star quality of his "dystopian Elvis" look. James realizes there's no redeeming Gary Glitter, no matter how hard he tries.

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Special thanks to Adam Centamore for his book, "Tasting Wine & Cheese: An Insider's Guide to Mastering the Principles of Pairing," which inspires us to try new wine and cheese pairings in every episode!