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Classy Little Podcast

Welcome to the Classy Little Podcast!

James and Emily bring you of fun facts, trivia, history, humor and, of course, wine & cheese!

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It is with a heavy heart that we announce we are ending the Classy Little Podcast. Thank you to our listeners and supporters. Cheers.


Feb 3, 2016

James is joined by Emily's husband, Mark, to celebrate Guys Night, and pump us all up for the Super Bowl this weekend. The guys talk about beer, football, video games, and a mysterious triangle. Plus, find out how the man who walked on the fucking moon also became part of one of the greatest bands of all time (according to James).

In this episode, we review FREY: Detergent for Men. Get 20 percent off your order at by using the coupon code CLASSY20 at checkout!

This week's beer: Harpoon Brewery UFO White, Bronx Brewery American Pale Ale
This week's cheese: Bleu cheese on the side of Buffalo Wings from Joey C's Roadhouse

In honor of the biggest game of the year, Emily gives up the mic to her husband, Mark, and he and James talk about their Super Bowl picks. Discuss the commercials and how they seemed better when we were younger.

James tells us about some of the worst choices for Super Bowl halftime performers, including answering the eternal question of whether you'd rather listen to the Black Eyed Peas or Nickelback for the rest of your life. Find out about the controversial group Up with People, who performed in five halftime shows. James takes this opportunity without Emily to bring us all down earlier than usual this week!

Mark and James give praise to Frey laundry detergent, which not only smells like oak and musk, but it also takes tough stains out.

To keep with the football theme of the episode, Mark talks about football video games. If you want to challenge Mark at NFL Blitz (he will win), contact us. He also talks about the controversy surrounding Madden NFL games. Also, does God have a bookie? 

James lists the three most bad-ass manly men in history. We feel like little bitches after learning the stories of these guys' awesomeness. Find out which one ate peanuts and smoked a cigar while having sex, which one gave a two-hour speech instead of going to the hospital after getting shot, and which one walked on the fucking moon! Plus, learn why you should never tell Buzz Aldrin he didn't land on the moon.

Mark shares his Hot-Cute-Beautiful Triangle theory with the world. (See the picture on our website, The guys then decide to see how the theory plays out by looking at a list of celebrities, all in the name of science. Do you agree with James' and Mark's rankings? (And will Emily allow Mark and James to podcast together again?)

Emily comes on to quiz the guys on female terms to hear their best guesses. While James makes educated guesses, Mark assumes everything is a tampon ... and he is wrong every time. James also can't hear a word that contains "gonad" without laughing like a 12-year-old.

Hope you enjoy the punk-rock version of our theme song, made specially for this episode.

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