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James and Emily bring you of fun facts, trivia, history, humor and, of course, wine & cheese!

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It is with a heavy heart that we announce we are ending the Classy Little Podcast. Thank you to our listeners and supporters. Cheers.


Apr 20, 2016

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Even though we aren't getting high in this episode, we're still celebrating 420! Sit back, toke up, and let us be your spirit guide through the origins of 420, the science behind marijuana, CBD-rich hemp oil, some famous potheads, and the propaganda surrounding "Reefer Madness."

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This episode's wine: Dansk Mjod Viking Blod Hibiscus and Honey Mead, Denmark
This episode's cheese: Garden Vegetable andSweet Basil
We also tried Brown Ale made with hemp from Humbold Brewing Company

We bring back the Chambong for this episode, if you remember it from our Cheers to Back to the Future episode. With 19 percent alcohol in the mead, this may be the last we hear from Emily as she shoots it back! Find out how you can help us out by nominating us for the 2016 Podcast Awards by going to

Emily tried a method of getting all her puns out in the very beginning of the show in a segment called “Oops!” Thanks to Jen (from our Cheers to Glam Rock) episode who pointed out Emily’s mistake of confusing Gutenberg with Guggenheim. 

Find out what the origins of 420 is — and we talk about some of the false origins we’ve all heard. It is not, for example, the police code for “marijuana in progress” or the number of chemical compounds in cannabis. We even have a callback to Cheers to Mistakes when Albert Hoffman’s infamous LSD trip comes back in this episode! 

We hear sirens going off while recording and our browser history from researching this topic probably put us on some watchlists, by the way. Emily tries to sing the truth away as James tells her how alcohol is actually worse for one’s health than marijuana. However, James does talk about how, although marijuana is used for medicinal uses, it can still negatively affect minors with developing brains.

Just to be clear, we’re not high — we’re old and lame. But, we do love potheads. 

Emily talks about CBD, one of the other chemicals in cannabis, and how it’s legal and the benefits of it, as opposed to THC. And she also gets to talk a little about “The Breakfast Club” again! Emily got to try some CBD products this past two weeks:

MedusaCBD Hemp Oil Vape Juice
Restorative Botanicals Restore CALM Spice Flavored Hemp Oil Extract Blend
Restorative Botanicals CBD Hemp Oil Extract Balm

“It seems that only about 10 % of America has even heard about CBD rich hemp extracts and the products that are now made from this wonderful plant. Of those who have learned about it, many confuse it with hemp seed oil and most still wonder if it is really legal. The active ingredients in our products are not hemp seed oils and since all our products are made from northern Europe hemp extract, imported under U.S. Customs tariff codes, they most certainly are legal.”

Bernie Perry
Restorative Botanicals

James talks about historical figures who have been known to smoke weed in their lifetimes, including an appearance by a queen! And, if you’re familiar with George Washington’s weed habit mentioned in “Dazed and Confused,” you’ll be happy to know the character of Slater wasn’t that far off. If you great up in the ‘90s, you know George isn’t the only president who may or may not have smoked!

Emily found herself in a rabbit hole after looking up fun facts about the cult classic “Reefer Madness,” including one of the stories the movie was based on, and how the film was part of a huge national propaganda campaign to demonize marijuana. The film, though, wasn’t the worst instance of anti-marijuana propaganda — you’ll hear about Harry Anslinger and his over-the-top tactics to illegalize the drug. And find out how marijuana relates to Harry Potter, in a tiny way!

And James talks about the impact of the areas in the U.S. where recreational marijuana has been made legal.

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This week's Audible audiobook recommendation:

Smoke Signals: A Social History of Marijuana -- Medical, Recreation, and Scientific by Martin A. Lee