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James and Emily bring you of fun facts, trivia, history, humor and, of course, wine & cheese!

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It is with a heavy heart that we announce we are ending the Classy Little Podcast. Thank you to our listeners and supporters. Cheers.


Jun 29, 2016

Happy one-year anniversary to us! If you've been there since the beginning -- when we were using Rock Band mics and didn't know what we were doing, or if you're new to the show, cheers to YOU! Thank you, dear listeners, for a fantastic year! We're celebrating by talking about the traditional gift of paper this week.

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This episode's wine: Burlass Prosecco, Italy

This episode's cheese: Havarti

Want to attract cats? Try putting a piece of paper down! Emily finds out why cats seem to be drawn to paper, and we try out this phenomenon on Little Man! Emily is slowly becoming Angela from "The Office."

Speaking of "The Office," James talks about the show we both love so much, which if you've never seen it, is about a paper company ... except for the German version, as we find out.

If you've ever wanted to destroy the world, James tells us just how much paper it would take to print the internet.

Next time you're in the bathroom, you can thank Northern toilet paper for pushing "splinter-free" paper towel. And, Emily finally puts the over/under controversy to rest about how toilet paper should be positioned. (Letters can be addressed to

We also both know why paper cuts hurt so much, but Emily lets James give the answer. But, we do all know how badly they hurt!

If you think origami was just a hobby, that's just scratching the surface. Find out why the crane is one of the most popular origami shapes and how origami folding techniques have been used in technology, science and medicine.

James finishes our episode correcting an Oops! moment from our last episode, thanks to Aven who let us know via Twitter.

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