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James and Emily bring you of fun facts, trivia, history, humor and, of course, wine & cheese!

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It is with a heavy heart that we announce we are ending the Classy Little Podcast. Thank you to our listeners and supporters. Cheers.


Dec 9, 2015

We made this extra long, so grab a box of wine and a bulk-sized cheese plate and settle in for a long winter's podcast, featuring gift recommendations, an interview with Adam Centamore, and our usual fun facts, history and etiquette, along with wine and cheese, of course!

This episode's wine: 2012 Parducci Small Lot Blend Pinot Noir, California

This episode's cheese: Goat Gouda

Emily gets to interview Adam Centamore about his book we reference in most of our episodes! We get to hear about his training, how the book came to be, plus some great wine tips from the book!

Don't forget to enter our giveaway for your chance to win Adam Centamore's "Tasting Wine & Cheese" book, which we use frequently for the inspiration for our wine and cheese pairings on the show! Giveaway ends Dec. 11! And you get to hear Emily interview him in Boston about how he got to be such an expert on wine and cheese and some helpful wine and cheese tips!

You can find pictures and ordering information for all the gifts we feature on this episode HERE.

Emily's Gift #1 -- Cask Jewelry

James' Gift #1 -- GoPro Fetch

Emily goes through the history of gift-giving around the holidays, where we reference Family Guy, and we realize we will probably never be on a first name basis with any of the Queens.

We're trying to find the picture of Emily in 4th grade, when her mother teased her hair against her will. And we discuss what will be on our Christmas cards this year!

James' Gift #2 -- Nessie Ladle

Emily's Gift #2 -- Rewined Candles

If anyone knows the gender of the Loch Ness Monster, please let us know!

James talks about famous gifts received by presidents and dignitaries. And James has a Grinch moment of a certain appendage growing three-times as big when thinking about the president. And, if you liked our episode Cheers to Back to the Future, you'll understand our love of the idea of President Calvin Coolidge's cowboy outfit, which may also have resembled the pajamas that look like Woody from Toy Story.

And, what might be the gift we're the most jealous of, a giant wheel of cheese given to Thomas Jefferson. And James gets to give his favorite gift, his judgement, to gifts given to the president.

James' Gift #3 -- Polaroid Social-Matic

Emily's Gift #3 -- Reid's Wood Crafts Cheese Slicers

We talk about the etiquette behind regifting from the Emily Post Institute, plus some of the most common regifted presents. We'll basically take all those gifts, by the way. Is fruitcake as bad as everyone thinks it is?

Emily's Gift #4 -- Maggie and Maddy: Adventures in Napa Valley and Colors of the Wine Country, both by Kyle and Amy Goleno

James' Gift #4 -- The Hungover Cookbook by Milton Crawford

We talk about the best and worst presents we've ever gotten or given. And we talk about ear-piercing stories, and James never misses and opportunity to bring up Kazaam! And Emily talks about her parents' worst Christmas when they got her a Michael Jackson tape, a Walkman, and a microphone.

Emily reveals the worst thing she's ever done to an ex-boyfriend for getting her a present she didn't like. Men, if your girlfriend tells you not to buy jewelry, listen to her!

And James tells the story of probably the most famous gift given to America, the Statue of Liberty. And, if all the plans for her panned out, she would have been a talking, gold statue with laser beams! Why is this not actually happening?! Come on!

James' Gift #5 -- Baseball bat bottle openers

Emily's Gift #5 -- The Tile

If you're looking for more gifts for wine and cheese lovers, you can check out our Amazon store HERE.

We'll be taking a break until the new year, so we'll have plenty of time to detox our livers and come back refreshed, ready to bring you fun facts, trivia, history, etiquette and more! If you have recommendations for a topic you'd like us to cover, you can submit it HERE.

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