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Classy Little Podcast

Welcome to the Classy Little Podcast!

James and Emily bring you of fun facts, trivia, history, humor and, of course, wine & cheese!

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It is with a heavy heart that we announce we are ending the Classy Little Podcast. Thank you to our listeners and supporters. Cheers.


Aug 26, 2015

From the Reese's Pieces in "E.T." to trying to determine if the music video you're watching is entertainment or an infomercial, product placement rears its ugly, ubiquitous head in most forms of media consumed by the general public (including, indirectly, this podcast).

What we thought would be a narrow topic to research turned into a fascinating discussion on different techniques marketers and advertisers have used to get their brands noticed in popular television, movies, music, and even books. We get into the history and usage of this technique today, since we're constantly bombarded with seemingly innocent ads.

Even though we mention quite a few celebrities, like Britney Spears and Lady Gaga, we failed to mention Queen Elizabeth II in this episode! We'll have to make a point to mention her twice in our next one.

Tune in every other #WineWednesday for a new episode! Cheers!